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Prophecy Mechanic by Chad Sokolovsky


In his debut poetry collection, “Chad Sokolovsky writes poems that stay inside you long after you’re finished reading them. In Prophecy Mechanic, he explores the industry of memory-making in work that juxtaposes love, music, and art with the casual tyranny of religion, capitalism, and family legacy. Here, human landscapes are revealed click by click as through a View-Master: an oppressive classroom decorated with a teacher’s model military airplanes; the bleak rooms and shag carpets of childhood; a tableau of kids transfixed at the television, absorbing gender roles via Saturday-morning cartoons. Tension between the individual imagination and those structures which seek to constrain and distort is enacted frequently in visions of the post-war industrial; the emotional life of the poems is marked by dissociation and drift. Sokolovsky’s book marks the debut of a steady voice of witness whose poems serve as thoughtful elegies for the hopes of children, lovers, believers, and for all of us living in the shadow of late capitalism.” — Stella Beratlis, author of Alkali Sink

“He lays bare some of his own philosophies in this work, whether writing about subjects such as sex or parenting or religion or aging. But perhaps it is strongest when he examines his own chosen field of writing. “ . . . we should be writing poetry instead of prayers, sacrificing metaphors instead of martyrs, because we can / make this world so beautiful / if we stop waiting for / someone else to do it for us.” He has already made it more beautiful with this lovely collection.” –5/5 Stars, Seattle Book Review

“A poignant book of affective and tragic poetic verse.” –Kirkus Reviews

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